coming off psychiatric drugs

//coming off psychiatric drugs

coming off psychiatric drugs

one of the best guides to tapering off psychiatric medications….

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When I started my practice 30 years ago I had focused on mental health following my own challenges with my own mental and emotional well-being. Once I had moved my practice from Galway to Dublin I spent the following 20 years working in women’s health, focusing mainly on fertility and childbirth, and the obvious emotional challenges that emerge within pregnancy and birth. Through the years I have treated anxiety, depression, post-natal depression and all the variations of soul-spirit pain that patients experience in life. However, it was only 5 years ago, when a close family member had a drug-induced psychotic experience, that I embarked on a steep learning curve of the dangers of psychiatric medications. These medications are dolled out to people with little to no consideration of the long term damage to their brains. It is my hope that I can share with you the information, advice and guidance that I have received along the way. Information is power!! I hope to empower you and your loved ones and to know that although people may be in dire emotional pain, there is a way forward to be free of psychiatric medication.