Mental Health – the MYTHS

I have worked as a 5 element acupuncturist for the last 30 years. In that time I have treated many patients who were described as bi-polar, manic depressive etc.

It was such a relief when I came across Professor Peter Breggin and his wealth of knowledge and decades of expertise.

He confirmed what I had always felt – that mental illness is nothing more than an imbalance or, more importantly, a cry of distress of the soul.

The beauty of 5 element acupuncture is that it works at the soul-spirit level and so, as a holistic system of healing, we find that the patient will experience an inner healing that does not have any words. It is a feeling, an inner sense of deep level healing. Mental illness is NOT a disease of the brain as is so often touted by psychiatrists and ill informed doctors.

As Professor Breggin says, it is the  medications themselves that cause a chemical imbalance.  In order to restore balance and harmony to the body mind and spirit we need to adopt a gentle slow approach in order to restore the patient to balance and harmony.

Psychiatrists Speaking Out

“the pharmaceutical industry is only marginally less ruthless than the drug cartels”

How antidepressant withdrawal ‘can trap people’

Psychiatrist Dr Allen Frances argues
when people face “mild, transient depression,” antidepressants shouldn’t become “a way of treating the aches and pains of everyday life.”


Ella’s Story

I had used many drugs as a wild college student. I had never really listened or taken any heed from the “just say No!!” campaigns that they had run at school. My attitude at college had been “just say yes!!”.

It came back to bite me in the tail when, at the age of 21, I had a psychotic break following a combination of drugs that had included mdma, ayahesca and cocaine. I was completely unaware of the damage done to my brain by these drugs.

Once the psychosis kicked in the doctors dosed me up with enormous amounts of anti-psychotics.  And so began a long and tortuous journey to try and come off the very medications that we had been told would help!!

Following two more hospitalisations, it was only by following Professor Breggin’s protocol that I started to feel confident enough in tapering from the medications.

Using the coffee enema protocol recommended by Dr Kelly Brogan helped enormously in reducing the impact of the withdrawal. As far as I am concerned, the coffee enemas were what made the difference as it really kick starts your liver to detox the toxins released from the withdrawal.

I also used 5 element acupuncture to help keep me strong. There were days where I just did not think I would make it. Today I know that it may take another year or even longer but I know that eventually I will be able to be free of the medication.

My psychiatrist told me I would always be mentally ill. I now know that that particular belief system is limiting. We all have to ability to heal ourselves and it is imperative that health care practitioners empower patients with knowledge and a belief in our own ability to heal ourselves.


Psychiatric Drugs – THE DANGERS

How Psychiatric Drugs Really Work – Peter Breggin MD

Diet & Mental Health

You are what you EAT!!!!

The level of toxicity in the food that is produced today means that we have to be more mindful than ever in terms of what we put inside our bodies.

We also need to understand that impact of what we consume and how that affects our brain.

In very simple terms, the gut is now recognised as the second brain. It is the gut that impacts the production of serotonin and all the other hormones in our body.

I would recommend studying Dr Kelly Brogan’s protocol and diet for anxiety depression and even psychosis!